Who We Are

Welcome to the amazing world of sesame! It’s a world filled with the wholesome goodness of sesame seeds originating from Africa and then specially formulated in Taiwan for you and your family. Amazing Sesame is born out of the passion and belief that high quality sesame seeds, black or white, can be enjoyed in many ways to benefit from their rich nutrients , fiber , minerals and more.

Amazing Sesame offers a range of premium products that can be consumed or used in many ways. From being a superfood that can be eaten just like that or an ingredient for baking, to salad dressing and cooking and even as a ice cream topping or mixed with fruits and your favourite milkshake. You will be amazed by the wonderful and delicious choices and ways to experience sesame.

What We Do

As you would know, sesame is rich in antioxidants and essential minerals that promote good health from head to toe. It’s a perfect gift from Nature for you to enjoy and share! In fact,it’s the perfect gift for you to present to anyone too!

Customer satisfaction is AmazingSesame’s best testimony. That’s why 88% of our customers are repeat customers ! It’s about time you be one too!